Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekly shopping 3/4/2012

We got 5 canvas bags of groceries for $208.00 at Seward Co-op today. I brought the print-out of the shopping list with me (see side bar,) and went straight to the meat counter where the first thing I saw was chicken drumsticks for $1.99 a pound. I grabbed three packages.  Wild Alaskan cod was $10.99 a pound, so I got a pound and a half, to round out our meat for the week I got a 2 and a half pound chuck roast for pot roast, 2 turkey thighs, a 3 pound pork sirloin roast, a can of tuna, and a really cheap package of turkey necks and backs, and a package of chicken feet.  The meat total was around $65.00.  We had several packages of hamburger, a little bacon and some sausage in the freezer.

We back-tracked to the produce department and got the basics, local onions, carrots, apples, oranges, bananas, a bag of local potatoes.  There were little local green cabbages, local parsnips, local beets, local hydroponic cress, a local butternut squash.  We got non-local green beans, broccoli, green and red bell peppers, avocados, and lemons and limes.

We got the dairy basics: local organic pastured packaged in glass milk and cream, ethically and organically produced eggs, and some individual organic yogurts for my younger son's lunch.  We also got some organic sprouted extra firm tofu, fresh pico de gallo and some kosher dill pickles.

We debated buying a #25 bag of rice, but figured out it costs the same per pound as the #2 bags, so we skipped it.  We got a can of organic fair trade coconut milk, a jar of organic tomato sauce (unflavored, just tomato puree, but thicker) and a jar of organic tomato paste.  I wanted to get some hot sauce, but none mentioned the source of the vinegar, so I couldn't tell if they were GF, so I skipped it and ran back for a handful of jalapenos instead.  From the freezer we got a bag of frozen green beans, a bag of frozen peas, both organic, and a frozen cheese pizza.

From the cheese department we got co-jack, muenster, chevre, and sheep's milk feta.

Our pre-discount total was 230.71, but my husband is on the board board of directors, so we get a 10% discount.  We also got $6.00 worth of temporary markdowns.  57 percent of what we bought was P6, which is to say, local, cooperatively produced, and made by small producers.  All of the produce was organic, and though the meat isn't all organically certified, it was all either %100 grass fed, or pastured, or otherwise healthfully produced. Once we return the glass dairy bottles in the house our total for the week will be Exactly $200.00.

Now to figure out a menu.

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