My really smart friends blog too

My friend Barth Anderson is a food writer, food policy wonk, and also a fantastic fiction writer.  His book Patron Saint of Plagues is one of my favorite books of all time.  He writes about food and food policy at Fair Food Fight.

My friend Eleanor Arneson is a fiction writer and a poet, and gives the most amazing poetry advise.  She blogs about popular culture in the form of movies, economics, the environment, feminism, Iceland, and more here.

Tanya Brody in addition to being a lovely musician, knowing how to sew life size puppets, and writing for legal publications blogs here.

Daniel L. Byman was the best man at my wedding, and is very smart.  If you are interested in counterterrorism and mid-east policy, he's your man.  He writes articles with some regularity, like this one at Foreign Policy, and also writes policy books like The Five Front War.

My friend Kevin Caufield is a potter, though he doesn't blog.  Wouldn't you love a set of hand made dinner ware?

Haddayr Copley Woods writes very smart and interesting essays about disability, autism, and family.

Ted Davis is an international man of mystery, I am pretty sure he knows everyone.  As in, all of the people, everywhere.  This is his business.

Tate Hallaway and Lyda Morehouse write science fiction and paranormal romance novels and blog about writing and parenting here. (They're secretly the same person, shhhh.)

My dad Charles Hoffman makes guitars and has a great web-site, and blogs too.

My mom Susan Hoffman is a realtor if you would like to buy a house you should call her.  Her old friend and broker has a fun column about getting your house on the market called Dear Pat.

Doug Hulick is also a fiction writer and blogger who has been known to write about writing, sword fighting, and fatherhood here.

Dakota Dave Hull is sort of like my music uncle, he played at my wedding, schooled me about great coffee at an impressionable age, and generally has been an avuncular presence in my life.

Naomi Kritzer writes about writing and motherhood.

My friend Kevin Matheny blogs about gaming, technology, and coaching little league.

My friend Mike Matheny is blogging about his journey with cancer at The Unintentional Expert.  He is a great musician as well, you can download his latest album here.

My very old friend Kelly McCullough is a fiction writer, and blogs about writing, cats, and sometimes his adventures in Wisconsin politics, which completely blows my mind.  Kelly, a county commissioner, what is the world coming to?

As far as I know John Calvin Rezmerski doesn't blog, but you should read his wonderful poems anyway!  He is the current Poet Laureate of the Minnesota League of poets.

My childhood friend Jessy Scholl blogs used to blog here, but the old posts are interesting, so go read what she had been writing, and perhaps by the time you catch up she will start back up.

Also not blogging is my amazing artist friend Margo Selski, but her gallery has a website with a lot of her art.

If Dakota Dave Hull is my musical uncle, then Robin and Linda Williams are my musical god parents.  I grew up in the Minnesota folk music scene, and volunteered for years at the greatest folk music coffee house The Extempore.  Whatever I know about singing I learned from singing along with Linda while I listen to their albums.

Several of these lovely writers and several more of my friends also blog at their writers group site Wyrdsmiths.

Google seems to think I have used up all the search band-with I am allowed for the day, so I will add and update more later.  If you are a friend who has an internet presence don't be offended if I left you off of the list, but do send me your link so I can add it.  I want to add several other of my music friends for instance, and I have very few of my artist friends on the list yet.  Also, now that I am blogging I can't for the life of me imagine why my book club ladies don't start a blog.