Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekly dinner menu, 3/11/2012

We are having pot roast, potatoes, turnips and carrots, a salad of water cress and lettuce, and maybe some sauteed cabbage and zucchini for dinner tonight.  I think I'll make mini frittatas for the vegetarians.  My friend Shelly gave me these awesome little pans that are like mini paella pans that seem like they want little frittatas in them.  I read a recipe for an egg tart and lemon curd in the recent issue of The Mix, a newspaper of the Twin Cities co-ops, and I am thinking a meringue shell with lemon curd and whipped cream sounds pretty tasty.  I also saw a recipe in my 1890s Fanny Farmer cookbook for a lemon pudding with a meringue topping, so I am headed in that direction for dessert.

For this week's dinners I am planning:

Monday - Fish soup.  Can't decide if I am making a potato and milk based chowder, or a tomato, fennel, orange kind of Mediterranean thing.  Either way there will be mussels in it though.  I cut off some of the ham hock before freezing the rest and am toying with using some of that in the soup, even though then I have to make two batches because of the vegetarians.  I'll make David and the boys make biscuits for the wheat eaters, and I'll make a salad or fruit salad too. (I am going to have my daughter make homemade bread rolls for tomorrows burgers and for Wednesdays lunch.)

Tuesday - Grilled cheese burgers, potato salad, green salad, pickles and olives.  There will be lots of eggs in the potato salad for the vegetarians.  Home canned peaches.

Wednesday - Pork chops, it's supposed to be warm so if we can we will grill them, otherwise I will fry them, there will be rosemary and garlic involved in the pork as well, baked potatoes and cheese sauce, broccoli.  With luck we will be baby sitting a friends new baby that night, so simple is important.

Thursday - Lamb and zucchini stew with a cinnamon, thyme and tomato sauce, feta cheese, rice pilaf, oniony lentils, carrot sticks and apple slices.

Friday - The kids will be at my parents, and we will be out of town.

Saturday - Soup night!  I never made the chicken soup I had planned for last week, so I will make Turkey soup and split pea soup.  I have never used a ham hock before, and I really want to make split pea soup with a ham hock in it, but that's sort of pointless since the split pea soup is for the vegetarians so I may end up making three separate batches of soup and then freezing a lot of soup for lunches and later.  Split pea soup and chicken soup both freeze well as long as you don't use potatoes in them.

Sunday - Beef stew, mashed sweet potatoes, peas and lettuce, quiche.

Breakfasts:                                                      Lunches:

m - oatmeal                                                     leftover frittatas and stew
t - bacon and eggs / yogurt and fruit               cream of potato soup and biscuits
w - chicken sausage with veg. / granola         egg salad sandwiches on homemade rolls
th - oatmeal                                                     potato and broccoli in cheese sauce
f - bacon and eggs / yogurt and fruit               tofu fried rice

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