Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring is coming!

Plum blossoms getting ready
Actually, as near as I can tell we skipped spring and went directly to some sort of strange brown plant-less summer.  Last year it snowed on May 14 as I left for work, I cried the entire car ride because I was so done with winter and really, May 14 snow?  (Average last day of frost for Minneapolis is May 15, it's not that outlandish, but it was a hard winter last year.)  But, here, let me show you the strangeness this year.  My Maple tree is in full bloom.  I would say it's a month early?

My pussy willows are almost done, here they are a few days ago, the light was bad tonight, but I hope to catch their full yellow blossom tomorrow.

Chives and sorrel are up and almost ready to start nibbling.

And strawberries and rhubarb are on their way.  The lilacs are leafing out, but they hardly count.  I could easily turn my garden and plant stuff, but for all I know we could still get a foot of snow.  I will be kicking myself for not planting if we don't.  Maybe I could find some spinach seeds to throw in.  Radishes would probably do okay either way.

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  1. We're thinking that everything is six weeks early this year. Plum trees blooming now, apricot and peach trees done blooming, apple trees about to bloom. I will absolutely CRY if we lose it all to frost (I won't even say a late frost, because March is supposed to be full of frosts). We've lost all of our fruit two out of the past few years because of early blooming (not this early, though) and then four nights of 17F in April. It's lovely, but still......