Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fish tacos version 2.0, mince, and green shredded pork

I made fish tacos on Monday again, and they were an even bigger hit.  This time I made the same marinade, but I picked the pieces of fish out of the marinade and rolled them in masa harina (dry) and then fried them in my stainless pan in some coconut oil.  The sprouted corn tortillas I like fall apart if you steam them warm, so this week we put them on cookie sheets, put cheese on them, and broiled them.  We constructed our fish, cabbage, and guacamole tacos on top of these melty cheesy tortillas, and they were very good.  Very messy, but very good.

Mince and whatever strange thing Scottish people call parsnips

Tonight we had my take on Mince.  I never actually had mince in Scotland, it is almost always made with gravy thickened with flour, but I like the thought of it so I keep making my own version.  I am sure an actual Scottish person would be horrified.  Tonight I sauteed an onion, peppers, carrots, and celery in some butter till a bit brown, added a pound of hamburger (by volume about equal to the veggies,) and browned the hamburger.  I added a few ounces of tomato puree, a few squirts of ketchup, a splash of the red boat fish sauce (as a Worcestershire sauce substitute) and enough water to make it a gravy consistency.  I simmered it while I sauteed some mushrooms, sliced some tomatoes, and made parsnip and potato hash.  The vegetarians had baked beans and fried eggs with their hash.  My younger son declared he hates fried eggs, and then proceeded to eat four of them.  Not an elegant meal by any means, but good and very filling for the kids running off to rehearsals.

I also did the prep work for tomorrows green pork chili.  It's all set in the crock pot liner in the fridge, we just have to take it out and plop it in the crock pot base in the morning, let it come to room temperature, and then turn on the crock pot and head to work.

Green shredded pork

I quartered 8 or 9 tomatillos, a huge onion, a green bell pepper, and two jalapenos.  I added several cloves of garlic, and a good big pinch of cumin seeds, and a splash of coconut oil.  I roasted the veggies in a 400 oven until they were getting some brown roastiness and had collapsed a bit.  While the veggies roasted I browned a 3 pound bone in pork butt.  The co-op meat department has been cutting more bone in cuts and pricing them much cheaper, which is a win-win for the slow cooking cuts.  The bone gives you added flavor and nutrition and you save money.  The veg went in the bottom of the crock, the meat on top, and I had saved the fish marinade which was onion, cilantro, lots of lime juice, salt, and peppers so I threw that in as well.  It will get plenty cooked enough to kill any raw fish germs in the crock pot.  I deglazed the pan I browned the pork in with a cup of water and poured the water and all the crunchy brown bits over the top of the meat.  When I get home I will pick out the bones, shred the meat into the sauce, add lime juice, salt and pepper, and chopped cilantro.  I will serve it with mashed and fried red chili beans, vegetable garnishes like lime wedges, diced avocado, chopped fresh onion, etc. And quesadillas for the kids.  I didn't add chicken broth this time, I am looking for more of a shredded pork with sauce texture rather than a soup texture.

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