Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekly dinner menu, 3/18/2012

Sorry I am late posting, we were out of town on Friday-Saturday, and then spent Sunday helping a friend paint at her new house, and helping another friend out around his house.  I did my grocery shopping right when the co-op opened Sunday, and it was easily the most pleasant Sunday shopping trip I have had.  Going early is the plan from now on.  I did make dinner between painting and helping my friend, but whew, it was a busy day!

Sunday: Beef stew, cauliflower cheese (like macaroni and cheese, but with steamed cauliflower instead of noodles,) mashed potatoes, beet and greens salad with walnuts.

Monday: Fish tacos, but I'm going to fry the fish this time, and do something different with the tortillas too.  Guacamole and other fish taco fixings, lettuce and cabbage salad.

Tuesday: Scottish mince (onion and gravy with hamburger in it, I make mine a little tomatoey.) Baked beans and fried eggs, roast parsnips, sauteed mushrooms, fresh tomatoes.

Wednesday: Green pork chili in the crock-pot, refried beans with cheese, rice, crudites, and avocado.

Thursday: I have a meeting after work, so David will make hamburgers, baked potatoes with cheese sauce (unless it's crazy warm again, then maybe potato pancakes for the vegetarians, with baked beans on the side?) steamed broccoli and carrots.

Friday: Can you believe we still have the chicken drumsticks in the freezer from two weeks ago?  Maybe we will actually make them this week.  I made a cool casserole dish in my ceramics class that I am dying to use, so I think I will make some manner of baked chicken thing, with some rice and maybe some prunes, sort of mid-eastern spices.  The vegetarians will get hummus, yogurt, and rice.  Green beans for the vegetable.  I didn't buy prunes, so I may make a special trip.  We do have some raisins hanging around though, so maybe not.

Saturday: Roast eye of round, savory custards, mashed sweet potatoes and parsnips, vegetable medley (that's whatever vegetables are still left at the end of the week,) fruit salad.

We will have eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, and I bought some chorizo for a spicy breakfast one day.
Lunches will be left over dinner in thermoses for the kids as much as possible.  I soaked and cooked some garbanzos today and am planning on making rice overnight in the rice cooker, so the kids get that for lunch on Tuesday.  I have to work full time all week, woe is me, so I am packing leftovers too.  I bought a package of hot dogs for emergency protein and I have a hot dog packed for my lunch tomorrow already.  My student teacher gave me a hard boiled egg today, because I forgot to bring my lunch.  So sad.  I had a beet salad and some left over stew when I got home though.

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