Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekly dinner menu, 3/4/2012

I spent more on food for this Sunday than I spent shopping for the rest of the week.  We had a blow-out Sunday brunch for just the five of us, there was granola and oatmeal, boiled and fried eggs, sausage and bacon, fruit salad, yogurt, baked beans, toast, biscuits, and gluten free millet toast, sauteed mushrooms, broiled tomatoes, jelly, butter, cinnamon sugar, cream, milk, water, tea, and orange juice. Sometimes you just have to have a crazy breakfast like that. Obviously we have left overs, sausage, bacon, bread, you name it.  Then my daughter, husband, and I went out to help a friend celebrate his birthday and spent as much on dinner as we did on breakfast.  That's despite my daughter getting an appetizer and my husband and I sharing an entree.

I figure the crazy brunch saved us money over going out though, so it's a win, right? I read somewhere that you should spend what you want at the grocery store, because if it keeps you from eating out or getting take-out you are still spending less money.  I am clinging to that thought today.

On to the menu.

Monday: Fish tacos (lime and jalapeno marinated broiled cod,) pico de gallo, guacamole, corn tortillas, salad, left over fruit salad.

Tuesday: Chili, vegetarian bean chili, corn bread muffins, zucchini salad.

Wednesday: Pulled pork, baked eggs with cheese, mashed baked squash, green beans.

Thursday: Roast turkey thighs, savory baked tofu, potato gratin, steamed broccoli.

Friday: Herb roasted chicken drumsticks, oniony lentils, rice pilaf, feta, olives, greek style stewed vegetables.

Saturday: Pot roast, cheese souffl√©, roasted parsnips, water cress salad.

There is a lot of pork for Wednesday, we will have left over pork for breakfast meat, and some for lunch.   I will make chicken stock sometime during the weekend with left over turkey and chicken bones and the turkey neck and chicken feet.  We'll either have company for the pot roast, or have left overs for early next week.

Have a good week!

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  1. Well, we almost never go out to eat; it is the ONLY way that I can preserve my budget....I would like to buy more organic things, but again, it's budgetary. I'm planning an even bigger garden this year. I just hope that it doesn't get taken over by weeds again like it did last summer when I was out of town for three weeks and the person who was going to take care of it (in exchange for a big bed in which to plant sweet potatoes) didn't.