Saturday, March 10, 2012


I liked the Blogger Travel template, someday I will learn enough HTML to make my own blog, and have it hosted else-where, and use my art skills to design something more authentic to my vision.  But waiting for the time to do those things was stopping me from writing, so here I am.

The Travel template suggests a travel photo for the background, so I uploaded a picture from the trip I took to Scotland last summer with my daughter.  I think it's a shoreline on Lewis or Harris.  I find hiking and the outdoors and especially rocky coastlines soul nourishing, so that's my excuse for using a travel photo in the back ground of a food blog.

The photo from my profile is a photo my daughter took while we were eating at The Mustard Seed in Inverness.  A great restaurant that shares my philosophy of fresh, local, sustainable food.  I love the name of their restaurant too, foody and a little Shakespeare reference.  Also, the photo is relatively flattering of me, and is from one of the happiest times in my life.  Great restaurants are soul nourishing!

I hope to start posting photographs of the food I am writing about soon.  There are some great food photographers blogging and writing about food and I hope my blog will be even a tenth as inspiring as them.  Until I get my photographic act together though, check out Nom Nom Paleo, a great photographer, funny, interesting blogger, and fellow-traveler as regards food.   I can't wait to buy their I-pod app, though first I will have to get an I-pod.  I also really love the photographs at Gluten Free Girl and the Chef.  Shauna was the first food blogger I ever read, I found her as I was realizing I could never have gluten again.  Her positive attitude and joyous approach to Celiac, food, and life have been a source of inspiration and solace for me.  Even if you can eat gluten you should read her blog.

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