Sunday, March 25, 2012

Buckwheat crepes?

This photo has nothing to do with crepes, but I like it.
You may have noticed I bought buckwheat groats this week.  The universe of blogs seems to be telling me to eat buckwheat crepes, so who am I to deny it?

Shauna at Gluten Free Girl and the Chef posted a lovely photo and the ratio for crepes here.

Melissa at Hunt.Gather.Love wrote about buckwheat pancakes in this post, which I have already linked to.

I plan to use Shauna's ratios and suggestion to grind the flour in my blender, but Melissa's suggestion to soak the flour in yogurt (or maybe a yogurt water mix so it's not too thin thick?) for a day or two first.

Hmmm, maybe I will make those instead of rice noodles for fish night.  I wonder if I could get my hand on some caviar?  Make a russian mushroom cream sauce for the fish?

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