Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly shopping 5/6/2012

I shopped in the late afternoon today, and I have to say going at 8:00 AM is clearly a better choice.  We started at the meat counter and I finally caved in and bought a pork loin to roast.  We also got 2 packages of chicken thighs, chicken feta sausages, pork chops, sockeye salmon, a package of stew meat, and one of hamburger.

We back-tracked to the veggies and got potatoes and onions, mushrooms, lettuce, celery, carrots, red cabbage, bell peppers, jalapenos, avocados, two winter squash, eggplant, young garlic, spring onions, bananas, grapes, two grapefruits, and apples.

At the dairy counter we got butter, tofu, a few lunch yogurts, 3 dozen eggs, and some kid-friendly cheeses.

We got corn tortillas, crackers, rice, and corn chips for our carbs this week, and curry sauce, salsa, canned chili, pancake mix, and prepared hummos for our prepared foods.

From the freezer section we got two bags of strawberries, one of mixed berries, and a bag of green beans.

We spent 230.00, though we bought milk and cream at breakfast, so add 10 bucks to the total.  For the last few stressful weeks we have been splitting our shopping in half, which adds to the total for sure.  But we do have quite a bit of food lurking around, so we didn't need as much this week.  Dinners this week will be -

Monday:  Teriyaki salmon, Japanese sesame eggplant, squash and carrots steamed, miso with seaweed, and rice.
Tuesday:  Scottish mince, quesadillas, hash, salad.
Wednesday:  Curried beef, curried chickpeas, rice, indian spiced pureed eggplant, banana raita.
Thursday: Mashed potatoes, sweet and sour red cabbage, pork chops, eggs.
Friday: Roast pork loin, pureed squash and carrots, sauteed mushrooms, salad, fried tofu.
Saturday: Ethiopian spiced butter roast chicken thighs, sauteed bell peppers, stewed green beans and onions, curried lentils, rice, and I may send one of the kids to go buy some fresh injera, which is not gluten free, but the others will like, or if I have the time and energy I may make some homemade chickpea crepes which I can eat.  One of these days I will make some 100% teff injera from scratch, but not this week I think.

The kids are getting chili with cheese for lunch tomorrow, with some chips and grapes.  Crackers with hummos, yogurt, and apples on tuesday, cheesy vegetable rice on Wednesday, left over curry with rice on Thursday, and after that I have no idea, maybe mac and cheese?  Salsa, chips, and beans?  I cannot express how much I love our thermoses.  My kids don't have celiac, but I try to minimize their gluten in the off chance it will delay their getting it.

David and I mostly eat leftover dinner for our lunches, but the chicken feta sausages are for emergency lunch.  I have started taking half an avocado most days for lunch, or eating it for breakfast.  There is enough pork we should cook it earlier in the week and have leftovers for lunches.  The nice thing about shopping for the week and having a menu is you can switch at any time as long as you take the meat out of the freezer and soak the beans ahead.

I'll be eating eggs and veggies and fruit for breakfast.  The kids will have oatmeal cooked in the rice cooker overnight, yogurt and homemade granola, pancakes with homemade canned peaches, smoothies, and huevos rancheros.

Have a lovely week.

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