Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sings of Spring

Twilight apple blossoms
Soon I suppose I will have to admit that it is summer now and actually go work in my garden, but in the mean time I am very happy that my mother and I have planted so many blooming bushes and trees.  The bloom progression works wonderfully in my yard, first the plums, then the redbud, the neighbors apple tree, then one of ours and the other.  Standard lilacs, then Miss Kim lilacs.  By the time the spring blooming trees are finishing up the azaleas and lilly of the valley are starting, and then it's summer.

I have been spending all of my gardening time making a garden for a sick friend.  It's much much more fun for me to make a garden from scratch.  I like designing and installing gardens more than maintaining them.  But even more than that I like having a lovely garden, lot's of flowers, and fresh herbs.

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